Translate large Spanish numbers into English numbers

Enter Spanish text numbers and you can turn them into English numbers. This also works for English numbers to Spanish. Long numbers in Spanish can be really hard so this is a great way to find out how they translate into English words (not just digits). 

Spanish word numbers can be difficult to understand, but the do follow the same pattern as English word numbers. Numbers one to fifteen have their own word numbers. Numbers sixteen and nineteen are constructed as ten (diez, turned to dieci) plus the number. So sixteen is dieciséis which diez = ten plus seis = six. Please note that these words are compound words.

Numbers twenty to twenty-nine are constructed the same way, with the numbers written twenty- = veinti-. For example, twenty-three is written veintitrés. Note that these words are also compound words. 

From thirty onwards Spanish word numbers are quite simple. After thirty the multiples of ten all end in -enta (treinta, cuarenta, cincuenta, sesenta and so on). To make a number like 32, you just write out "thirty and two" (treitnta y dos). Remember that these Spanish word numbers consist of three seperate words. This is the case for every number up to one hundred.

You'll soon be able to get to grips with Spanish word numbers with this resource.


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